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Thursday 25 August 2022

7:30pm at Hamer Hall Selling fast

Saturday 27 August 2022

2:00pm at Hamer Hall Selling fast


Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Jaime Martín conductor
Yeol Eum Son piano


指挥:Jaime Martín
钢琴:Yeol Eum Son


Thomas Adès Exterminating Angel Symphony (Australian premiere)
Ravel Piano Concerto in G
Sibelius Symphony No.5


《G 大调钢琴协奏曲》 拉威尔

About this performance

The MSO is joined by internationally in-demand pianist Yeol Eum Son for a program featuring masterpieces from the early 20th century and an Australian premiere.

  • Thomas Adès’ Exterminating Angel Symphony brings together excerpts from his 2016 opera of the same name, based on the 1962 film by surrealist filmmaker Luis Buñuel. Adès utilises the eerie voice of an ondes Martenot, one of the earliest electronic instruments, invented in 1928.
  • Ravel knew what he wanted to avoid in his Piano Concerto in G: drama for drama’s sake. “It has been said of certain classics that their concertos were written not ‘for’ but ‘against’ the piano. I heartily agree.” Ravel elegantly contrasts vibrant jazz-influenced passages with a sparse and heartfelt second movement.
  • Sibelius revised his Fifth Symphony twice after its 1915 premiere, at a concert celebrating his fiftieth birthday. The final edit condensed the original first two movements into one. The finale features the achingly beautiful ‘swan hymn’ featuring striking intervals in the horns.

Duration: approx. 100 minutes including interval


MSO 与国际炙手可热的钢琴家 Yeol Eum Son 将一起同台演奏一个 20 世纪初的旷世杰作,本次演出也是澳大利亚首演。

  • 托马斯·阿代斯 (Thomas Adès) 的《泯绝天使交响曲》汇集了他 2016 年同名歌剧的摘录,改编自 1962 年超现实主义电影制片人路易斯·布努埃尔 (Luis Buñuel) 的电影。 阿代斯使用了 1928 年发明的最早的电子乐器之一 马特诺琴怪诞奇特的声音。
  • 拉威尔知道他想在 G 大调钢琴协奏曲中避免什么:即为戏剧而戏剧。 “有人说某些经典作品的协奏曲不是‘为’钢琴而写的,而是‘反对’钢琴而创作的。我衷心赞同这一说法。”拉威尔优雅地将受爵士乐影响充满活力的元素与饱含深情的第二乐章形成鲜明地对比。
  • 西贝柳斯在 1915 年首演后两次修订了他的第五交响曲,当时是在庆祝他五十岁生日的音乐会上。最终编曲将最初的前两个乐章浓缩为一个,压轴以令人痛心的“天鹅赞歌”为基调,在圆号的演奏中令人瞩目的庄重结束整个乐章。

演出时长:约 100 分钟,包括中场休息

COVIDSafe Information

The MSO and the venues in which we perform will operate under government health and safety guidelines in place at the time of the event. We recommend ticket holders follow the Victorian Government’s “How to stay safe & well” advice:

  • Stay home if you have any COVID-19 symptoms
  • Wash your hands
  • Keep your distance – stay 1.5 metres away from people you don’t live with where possible
  • Wear a face mask

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