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Join MSO Principal Conductor in Residence, Benjamin Northey, for a series of interviews with our musicians about music, life and everything in between.

Each of our special guests will delve into a much-loved musical piece of their choosing, alongside a discussion about their career, how they came to play with the MSO, and they’ll also be answering questions from our online audience!

21088 Up Late With Ben Youtube Thumbnail Freya Saul Updated

Streamed live 27 September 2021

Up Late with Ben Northey.... feat Freya Franzen and Saul Lewis!

In this episode, Ben sits down with MSO power couple Saul Lewis (Principal Third Horn) and Freya Franzen (Second Violin).

21088 Up Late With Ben Youtube Thumbnail Jaime V2 1000X500

Streamed live 17 August 2021

Up late with Ben Northey… and Jaime Martín!

Ben will discuss the lead up to Jaime's appointment as the MSO's new Chief Conductor. Jaime will explain his vision for the MSO as well as his experience, background and love for Melbourne.

21088 Up Late With Ben Youtube Thumbnail Sarah Curro V1

Streamed live 21 June 2021

Up late with Sarah Curro feat Ben Northey!

We're flipping the format and directing our questions at Ben Northey, who will be interviewed by guest host and MSO violinist, Sarah Curro.

1920X1080 20116 Up Late With Ben Facebook Ad Fa

Streamed live 17 May 2021

Up late with Ben Northey… Sarah and Monica Curro!

Watch Ben and Assistant Principal Second Violinist, Monica Curro and first Violinist Sarah Curro discuss their favourite music and talk with Ben about their careers and how they came to play with the MSO.

2020 Up Late Matthew Tomkins

Streamed live 7 December 2020

Up late with Ben Northey… and Matthew Tomkins!

Join Ben as he chats with Principal Second Violin, Matthew Tomkins about his career in music, his work with Flinders Quartet, and the fact that he holds a Bachelors degrees in Science and Engineering!

2020 Up Late Chris Moore

Streamed live 30 November 2020

Up Late with Ben Northey... and Chris Moore!

Watch as Ben and Chris talk about his early life in Newcastle, his iso-baking skills, the decision to switch from violin to viola, his love of orchestral music, family and his flock of pedigree chickens!

2020 Up Late Tiffany Cheng

Streamed live 23 November 2020

Up late with Ben Northey… and Tiffany Cheng!

Ben and Tiffany talk about her upbringing in Wollongong and what it feels like to go from being a big fish in a small pond, to a small fish in a very big pond! The two also discuss Mahler’s Ninth Symphony and why it’s a favourite of Tiffany’s.

2020 Up Late Rosie Turner

Streamed live 16 November 2020

Up late with Ben Northey… and Rosie Turner!

Ben and Rosie discuss her journey to the MSO from Sydney, via Philly and Macau. With stories of interesting tours, and people who have helped her along the way, Rosie’s life has been full of twists and turns!

2020 Up Late Jess Hitchcock

Streamed live 9 November 2020

Up late with Ben Northey… and Jess Hitchcock!

Join friend of the MSO, Jess Hitchcock, as she talks about her career as a performer (including her time at Eurovision) and the important work she does with Australia’s only indigenous opera company.

2020 Up Late Rohan Dekorte

Streamed live 2 November 2020

Up late with Ben Northey… and Rohan de Korte!

After four auditions, years overseas, and almost pursuing a different career, Rohan’s journey to the MSO was certainly unique. Watch as he unpacks the orchestral audition process, and discusses his career!

2020 Up Late Eleanor Mancini

Streamed live 26 October 2020

Up late with Ben Northey… and Eleanor Mancini!

Joined by one of the most charismatic members of the Orchestra, Ben and Eleanor discuss her journey to Australia, 40 years performing with the MSO, and the time she (and the MSO) toured with Elton John!

2020 Up Late Andrew Mcleod

Streamed live 19 October 2020

Up late with Ben Northey… and Andrew Macleod!

For his third guest, Ben Northey is joined by Principal Piccolo, Andrew Macleod. The two discuss Andrew’s journey to the MSO, the time he attended the ARIAs, and how an injury almost brought his career to an end.

2020 Up Late Ben Hanlon

Streamed live 12 October

Up late with Ben Northey… and Ben Hanlon!

Coming to you live from hotel quarantine in New Zealand, Ben Northey is joined by Ben Hanlon for a chat about life as classical double bassist, his jazz roots, and the importance of music education.

2020 Up Late Abbey Edlin

Streamed live 5 October 202

Up late with Ben Northey… and Abbey Edlin!

In our very first Up Late, Ben Northey chats with Abbey Edlin about her journey to Melbourne, preparing for an audition, and and how her and her partner manage to raise a young family while both working at the MSO.

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